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Blue Tiffin- box ( the 'him' version)

Click here for the 'her' version. The first drop hit his face. He cursed and put out his cigarette. He had walked out to the balcony to have a quiet smoke. But the elements wouldn't even let him have that. It hadn't been working out so well for him lately. Finally, after months of separation, he was with her. He had had enough of it and just boarded a flight to surprise her on her doorstep. It was supposed to have been perfect. He had thought that he would pick her up in his arms, as she stared at him with wide eyes, and before she could utter words to speak, he would kiss her. They would spend the weekend together, doing everything that they had been wanting to do for months. But when she was finally in his arms, he felt a hole somewhere deep in his heart. It started with little disagreements, little differences of opinion. And then it snowballed into bigger fights, and before he knew it, he was standing on the balcony, smoking alone. It was rainin