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The Sugar in the Milk

It had been a month of insanity and carnage that Aaravi had witnessed and survived. Panicky swarms of people fled from Ahmadabad for safety and ran helter skelter for their lives. Only that safety had become a myth and life, an illusion. The mob ran amok, totally berserk, killing any Hindu family that it encountered. Her whole family had died, but for her younger brother who had gone missing for a while. They had been running from pillar to post, hunkering down the bunkers, spending each night at a different abject place, feeding on scraps at the mercy of a Samaritan. Macabre scenes commonly littered the streets. Heinous crimes were rampant and palpable. By the day, women were raped, men were killed and children were taken away to be butchered. The silence of the night was torn by heart-rending cries.  Houses were invaded and were soon turned into a reeking mass of dead decaying bodies.  Holocaust formed the order of the day. Life had turned into a nightmare and was feared more