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The Healing Touch

It is a well known fact that medical research and state of art technology comes as a panacea to the woes of people. It is also well known that to assimilate maximum number of people( in need of healthcare) in its bracket of patients is the sine qua non for any modern healthcare and its associated reforms. However, the intent behind introducing innovation in medical technology is often debilitated when the same founders in the purpose it seeks to achieve.   After all, what is healthcare if it cannot cure lives? What good is an out-of-budget innovation sitting in a fancy medical store if it cannot prove to be a life saving drug for an ordinary citizen? Modern healthcare and medical innovation fall flat if they only remain a prerogative of a select few.    Glivec ( or Gleevec ), manufactured by Novartis, is an important drug in the treatment of myeloid leukaemia and has transformed prospects for patients in rich countries. It is a targeted, biological therapy that blocks