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Pain is numbing yet piercing. It surfaces in the most unexpected times. It lurks behind your moment of utmost joy and never fails to cast its shadow. It  echoes in faint whispers and renders incomplete the happiness at that moment. That is when the moment turns insipid.  And you say “well, happiness takes time to sink in with me”. But deep inside you know the truth - you‘d rather let happiness stay on the surface, because whenever that happiness sinks in, what sinks in deeper is the related pain.  It happens when you have long dismissed admitting, or even acknowledging the fact that even an iota of that whisper exists in your life. You claim that all is well, and you forever refrain from the beauty that could have been yours. My question then is, why the charade? Why do we fool ourselves? When we know that if a thing has the beauty to overwhelm you, the lack of it also has the potency to reverberate through the remains left behind. Why a compromise, on something eternal to achie