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Our Story

From the iron cage of my fragile illusions, Just like that, one day, I set you free, To let you soar out into your own being, without me,   And, disillusion every vein of our story … An illusion like a feeling that shoots down the spine, When, out of the blue, plays a familiar song and fills the air, In between the ever expanding distance that we’ve become, When above the din of everyone’s chatter, it’s each other’s silence we hear… An illusion of whispers that a dry riverbed of rustled leaves make, Which you choose to listen to, while escaping the chaos in your head, And, secretly wish that the wind that drifted you so far away from me, Could carry back those letters  unwritten  and those words unsaid… An illusion, that the way I am is the way you are, And while I am thinking of you, you are thinking of me, We are reminded of the verse we read in that room together, When we thought if love is another name for the pull of the moon on the sea…