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In the sands of time.

I haven't in years written a prose. As I sit down today to pen down something , in the first attempt of thinking my mind goes blank, in my second attempt a confused entangled smoke of distant past encircles my vision,and when I give myself to the third and psychologically my last attempt ,a gush of tenacious vortex pulls me in an abysmal nothingness;and it is in this nothingness that I realize the profoundity of the content that could make up my story,and hence I end up chronicling this article. The setting is the ethical city of the nawabs;flocked with the debonair and the suave men and women who add a subtle life to the backdrop. Life, we all add to our own backdrops ,by candidly playing our roles either on stage or off stage. The work in front of the curtains grabs the eyeballs and hogs the limelight. Acting backstage,more often than not, enjoys the curse of oblivion. The signature of sacrifice ,hard work and dedication;coupled with the propensity of an acknowledgment from t