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DISCLAIMER : DO NOT READ THIS. And take me seriously when I warn you. Someone told me at one point of time, ‘Always indulge in what you love the most, because when in a state of crisis it is that passion that keeps you solvent’… I have been religiously practicing this philosophy for a long time now. And this philosophy has helped me in ways incredible and in ways unfathomable. The state of crisis today is that of apathy and sloth. But now has come a time when my passion, if ever there was one, is no longer alive. It no longer rekindles the flame. It no longer gives me that push to do something.   To do something worthwhile (read: worthless for the rest of the world). Yeah , today words fail   me and I (most miserably) fail them. (It’s entirely mutual, for a change).   There is a yawning void staring at me. Not the void that would make you feel nostalgic or emotional or any of those things, but the void that will make you feel listless.   Yes, listless. It’s one crazy void.

Blog Award!

I am happy to receive this from  Namrata .  Thanks! The rule is to state 7 things about me;(Have chronicled enough on this  here , won’t ramble on it anymore) :D But most importantly the rule entails to pass it on to 15 more bloggers. That is the same number of the blogs as there in my reading list. Despite being pruned down, the list gives you a glimpse of my favourite bunch. There are more than this that I like, but then there are many more!                                                                                                                                                           KHOJ A-musing The Princess Passions Prakosht Lost and Found Aesthetic blasphemy think();printf(); Freebird Until you came WORDS From Devil's Workshop Inertia of Rest Scribblings...   Zebra Talk   A dash of Pepper Thanks.


हर अनसुनी दुआ में हो तुम हर अनकही  अभिव्यक्ति में हो तुम उस ओझल एहसास में हो तुम हर   दैनिक संघर्ष में हो तुम छिपे  बीते हुए कल की आड़ में छिपे आने वाले कल की आहट  में बीतें हुए कल में यादों की तरह आनेवाले पल में एक उमींद की तरह हर दिन के खुलते पहर में हो तुम उसी दिन की ढलती हुई शाम में हो  तुम है यही वेदना की मेरे आज में नहीं हो तुम पर इस  वेदना में भी  मेरी नम्रता हो तुम हर उठती  गिरिती तरंग में हो तुम हर उस झिलमिल एहसास में हो तुम जिससे है मेरी मुस्कराहट  निश्छल जिससे है मेरे आंसू बोझल  जिसकी कहते है लोफ विभिन्न भावनाएं हर का स्त्रोत , हर का अंत हो तुम ...

Black and White

It was just because of them and them alone. A selfish person otherwise, she had been silent on the issue gaining zilch for herself, perhaps entailing loss only. She would have only felt light by unburdening herself of all her reasons. But she was muted only salvaging something that didn’t belong to her, that thing which could have potentially otherwise turned acrid.   She had been at the receiving end of so much of sarcasm and blame gaming of not having considered the prospect which was placed before her. She couldn’t; for what reasons she has failed to underpin and present. Her presentation was accentuated, her intentions were interred. Her ‘can’t ‘was mistaken for ‘her won’t’ …and her categorical silence was misapprehended for her arrogance and high handedness; but then that was nothing new for her. That has become a part of her since long. Introvert in some aspects, she had beefed herself up, like the way a state prepares itself for tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis and the l

I, the Narcissist. :D

Passed on by Ajay  and Pepper . It has been in my drafts since long. It is governed by a simple rule: Every phrase needs to be completed with three answers about you. No as simple as you sit down to fill it up. therefore I have omitted some of the phrases here. I am ·          An epitome of confusion and indecisiveness. ·          A very fair person. Biases and prejudices don’t permeate inside and influence me. ·          A big nautanki ( those who know me personally know the innocuous truth behind it). :D I want ·          To be able to speak up when I feel that insane urge to speak. ·          To live with my parents and my sister just as I did when I went to school. :( ·          To never let any bout of pessimism seep inside me when I am thinking/doing  something worthwhile.   I have   ·          The strength to pick up my pieces gracefully when clobbered, off course after a brief spell of disenchantment. ·         ' the-world-is-under-my-feet fe