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" The Green Scarf: My entry for the Get Published contest"

The Idea : This story is about changing dynamics of a relationship of two people who eventually realize the immortality of their love; articulating that love transcends all barriers of time, distance and the gravest of human errors. A couple in love, fall out because the wife decides to tread a different path. In pursuing her pursuit, she is devastated. Years later, one of them discovers something, the realization of which is too overwhelming. After a bickering spanning over ten years, their destiny once again enunciates to them the strength of their love.     Extract : Sitting on the porch, half reading a book in her hand, in one of her usual pensive moods, she watched him play. He had the same hair as his father’s which swayed in the gentle breeze; he was  also as good at  the game as his father had been. Like father, like son, she thought. Her train of thoughts broke when the clock struck six. An emotion tore its way through her, bringing memories home from the past, bellowin