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Let the lights dim, let the curtain fall  let the tears brim and roll down as a broken dream. Chagrined. Silence the thoughts, let the pain pass, its piercing sting... let the slumber overpower a wrecked heart ,and a wilted will.


Please don’t open me to your ideas I fear I may lose sight of mine Please don’t indulge me in your best today For tomorrow, this magic may fade, And disillusioned, for your illusion shall I pine… Please don’t invade the walls erected around me  They guard me strong. So call me a stoic, call you may cold… But the walls are resistant and impermeable, Because, in the idyllic realm of your beauty  you have never looked at yourself, and felt totally vulnerable…

My first book: A Grain of Sand.

“A poem begins with a lump in the throat; a homesickness or a lovesickness. It is a reaching-out toward expression; an effort to find fulfillment. A complete poem is one where an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words” – Robert Frost There are somethings in life which excite you; others that inspire you. And then, there certain things which complete you. They are also the ones that lead you to your self-exploration. My first book recently got published and is released in various online Indian Stores . It is also released on Amazon USA  , Amazon India  and  Flipkart . The book had its  online press release   and  has been reviewed at several places . I am also a Goodreads author  and you can follow me there. Authored by a natural student of psychology, the book revolves around my general musings in life.  An anthology of poems, this book gives an insight into introspection, self-discovery and self-realization, which form the three most important p

Venting in a Vacation

There is something about a vacation. Something barring the fun you have and the respite you have been waiting for after being lost in the heat of action. It is an inarticulate feeling dawning upon you when you get up on a remote island , rubbing your eyes lazily stretching yourself to a 5 am bright morning; and sheen emanates from your eyes on beholding the beauty of an open sea, seamless and unrestrained. It is the smile that issues on the lips on seeing the sight of a bark stooping double to kiss the waters contouring a stray shore treaded by a solitary fisherman. The happiness made complete with the sip of your morning tea, sipping without the curvatures of wordly tensions and problems boggling the serenity of the environs . With your backpack , you set out to tour the palce. The seven winged building unfolds an entrenched history which is so intrisic to us. The time lines and time schedules to be strictly followed only lead you to another distant island of an enchanting beaut

The Healing Touch

It is a well known fact that medical research and state of art technology comes as a panacea to the woes of people. It is also well known that to assimilate maximum number of people( in need of healthcare) in its bracket of patients is the sine qua non for any modern healthcare and its associated reforms. However, the intent behind introducing innovation in medical technology is often debilitated when the same founders in the purpose it seeks to achieve.   After all, what is healthcare if it cannot cure lives? What good is an out-of-budget innovation sitting in a fancy medical store if it cannot prove to be a life saving drug for an ordinary citizen? Modern healthcare and medical innovation fall flat if they only remain a prerogative of a select few.    Glivec ( or Gleevec ), manufactured by Novartis, is an important drug in the treatment of myeloid leukaemia and has transformed prospects for patients in rich countries. It is a targeted, biological therapy that blocks

The Sugar in the Milk

It had been a month of insanity and carnage that Aaravi had witnessed and survived. Panicky swarms of people fled from Ahmadabad for safety and ran helter skelter for their lives. Only that safety had become a myth and life, an illusion. The mob ran amok, totally berserk, killing any Hindu family that it encountered. Her whole family had died, but for her younger brother who had gone missing for a while. They had been running from pillar to post, hunkering down the bunkers, spending each night at a different abject place, feeding on scraps at the mercy of a Samaritan. Macabre scenes commonly littered the streets. Heinous crimes were rampant and palpable. By the day, women were raped, men were killed and children were taken away to be butchered. The silence of the night was torn by heart-rending cries.  Houses were invaded and were soon turned into a reeking mass of dead decaying bodies.  Holocaust formed the order of the day. Life had turned into a nightmare and was feared more

" The Green Scarf: My entry for the Get Published contest"

The Idea : This story is about changing dynamics of a relationship of two people who eventually realize the immortality of their love; articulating that love transcends all barriers of time, distance and the gravest of human errors. A couple in love, fall out because the wife decides to tread a different path. In pursuing her pursuit, she is devastated. Years later, one of them discovers something, the realization of which is too overwhelming. After a bickering spanning over ten years, their destiny once again enunciates to them the strength of their love.     Extract : Sitting on the porch, half reading a book in her hand, in one of her usual pensive moods, she watched him play. He had the same hair as his father’s which swayed in the gentle breeze; he was  also as good at  the game as his father had been. Like father, like son, she thought. Her train of thoughts broke when the clock struck six. An emotion tore its way through her, bringing memories home from the past, bellowin