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Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy, I love you, and I intend nothing wrong but since I couldn’t speak all of this to you, I am writing it. Why is it that when one wants a room to breathe, some space to relax, and time to think, analyze and opine, one is not allowed that? Why is it that we are floundering in the deluge of facts, in the ‘dos and don’ts’, without being able to extract their essence, without being able to opine or comment on them? Why do we do things because we have to, not because we want to? Why have we turned so mechanical, so normative? Why do we fear our society so much? Why can’t we simply embrace what we like and shove off what we don’t? Why do we wait for other’s reaction? Why are our actions a barometer adjusted to beget optimal reactions!? Why are the ideas of ‘(life)partner’, ‘power’ and ‘pelf’ allowed to permeate in our lives deep enough to define us, enough to become the yardstick of our success?  I don’t say that I would live without a partner the whole of my life, or