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Venting in a Vacation

There is something about a vacation. Something barring the fun you have and the respite you have been waiting for after being lost in the heat of action. It is an inarticulate feeling dawning upon you when you get up on a remote island , rubbing your eyes lazily stretching yourself to a 5 am bright morning; and sheen emanates from your eyes on beholding the beauty of an open sea, seamless and unrestrained. It is the smile that issues on the lips on seeing the sight of a bark stooping double to kiss the waters contouring a stray shore treaded by a solitary fisherman. The happiness made complete with the sip of your morning tea, sipping without the curvatures of wordly tensions and problems boggling the serenity of the environs . With your backpack , you set out to tour the palce. The seven winged building unfolds an entrenched history which is so intrisic to us. The time lines and time schedules to be strictly followed only lead you to another distant island of an enchanting beaut