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 “… I close the door after they leave… " She managed to say, after resting her palpitating heart. “What has happened?”   he asked calmly “I don’t know ... they told me something and then left … I don't feel anything now… I am numb …" "Who were they?" "Some men in uniform... I do not know them" “Can you see yourself?” “Yes”, I am young and am wearing a pinafore”, “and… I  feel heavy and am in physical discomfort…” she follows soonafter. “Oh! Is there anyone around you?” “No… I am alone … all alone… there is no one around me…”  “Can you tell what year or what place is it?” “No.” “Okay. Go out of the door and see where you are” “I am too weak to step outside … I am now sitting on the floor of the house… I feel a sense of betrayal and abandonment…I dunno why though”  “Okay, no problem. Go back in time. I know it’s hard but please try…”   he asked her. Slowly, her facial muscles relaxed and her breathi