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Travel Diaries:The Dusk

Dear You, How have you been? I hope you enjoyed the recent festivities and are preparing for more to come. And in the recent festival of lights that went by,I hope that we made an attempt to overcome the fundamental darkness in all our lives; because,we can.We do not need to overcome fast, we just need to overcome. For a change, I have been convinced and not confused about something in life and I am grateful for that. It feels light, for a change and I am enjoying this interlude.  It is wedding season. One of my friends got engaged and the other got married. I had been looking forward to attending all their functions but, my health kept me from going out. While I have never been a fan of glamour, glitz and gung-ho in weddings, I wanted to see some of it in their functions. Probably,to amuse myself, a little, seeing how extravagant one night can get. But I think this was a poetic justice served to me by the power-that-be to cast me away from indulging in amusement at what peop

Travel Diaries: The Daylight

Dear you, Thank you for reading and replying to my last letter . And,thank you for your birthday wishes.  It is that time of the year again and, like L.M. Montgomery, I am glad too that I live in a world where there are Octobers. It is that time of the year when trees shed their leaves and mark the advent of winter. What may appear to be a loss is in fact a beautiful vista to behold. It defines your perspective;it is self-actualizing. It commences that time of the year when you feel nostalgic and yet happy. You can see the year slowly drawing to a close, bringing in some respite, some relaxation and some realisations. And, no matter how it may have tuned out to be, you put on your introspective gear and view everything from the lens of a person who lost a battle ,but won the war. It is okay to lose some battles even when you do not know the outcome of the war.Oftentimes, we are not aware of our intentions before we act.We focus on ensconcing ourselves in understanding t

Travel Diaries:The Dawn

Dear You, I have been delaying this for quite a while and I am sorry, more to myself than to you; because it has been some struggle to find words to be able to communicate. Of late, I have been surrounded with so much of life, I have forgotten to breathe. I had to remind myself that breathing is still essential to living. Life in all its seasons - in bright sunshine and in heavy thunderstorm, has been sweet pleasure .You know I went on a Europe trip last month. Three friends backpacking across Europe and devouring whatever it had to offer like there was no tomorrow. I cannot call it a trip anymore, it was an experience. An experience best felt alone. I came back freer than ever before, free from my own chains of bondage, out of the cocoon I had sought refuge in for so long and finally free from the chaos in my head. Chasing was all that I had done so far; and for a change, I halted and tasted peace. It was a peace of its own kind; it was rediscovering me. However, ther

From a pen to a poem

I may not know how to write, but I do know I want to write. I want to write to be able to unload myself of all the stories I have been longing to tell you; to recreate to you the places that are best travelled alone. I want to write because I want to be heard. I want to write to be read; because, even as I ramble on my incongruous thoughts at length, you continue to read them. Because, it is the only way I know to reaching you, to laughing and crying with you and forgetting what lies in the interim. I want to write because there is no other way for me but to write. Because it is when I write, I know I exist; it is when I write I know why I exist. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect” 


Shout into the depths of your soul... And, do you hear back an unequivocal ‘no’?, Clearing the nebulous from the crevices of your mind. Or, there still lurks a  feeling which leaches you to the bones? When you thought you'd long severed it from you? As it gnaws its way back at you after being cast into oblivion... And then, do you want to breathe, but you’ve forgotten?

A Thousand Splintering Questions

Where did I go wrong? That in the shadow of your jaundiced eye, You orphan me from you? That I fail in whatever I try... I close my eyes and pray by the light, And wide-eyed, I dream at night... Of a hope that will dawn upon and house me, Not in its fragility, but, with its all encompassing might. But, it stays away, only whimsically skirting the boundaries, Permeating death and despair... Moribund I lie, with no wish to heal, In the ironical comfort that no will care... And, I patiently wait for my end to near... But between the thought and its action, Evading my death is a malicious void, That churns my inside with a thousand splintering questions. And I ask, Where did I go wrong? That before I could be born, I died, Why did you orphan me from you? That I never got up to see the light...