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Travel Diaries:The Dawn

Dear You, I have been delaying this for quite a while and I am sorry, more to myself than to you; because it has been some struggle to find words to be able to communicate. Of late, I have been surrounded with so much of life, I have forgotten to breathe. I had to remind myself that breathing is still essential to living. Life in all its seasons - in bright sunshine and in heavy thunderstorm, has been sweet pleasure .You know I went on a Europe trip last month. Three friends backpacking across Europe and devouring whatever it had to offer like there was no tomorrow. I cannot call it a trip anymore, it was an experience. An experience best felt alone. I came back freer than ever before, free from my own chains of bondage, out of the cocoon I had sought refuge in for so long and finally free from the chaos in my head. Chasing was all that I had done so far; and for a change, I halted and tasted peace. It was a peace of its own kind; it was rediscovering me. However, ther