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Travel Diaries:The Dusk

Dear You, How have you been? I hope you enjoyed the recent festivities and are preparing for more to come. And in the recent festival of lights that went by,I hope that we made an attempt to overcome the fundamental darkness in all our lives; because,we can.We do not need to overcome fast, we just need to overcome. For a change, I have been convinced and not confused about something in life and I am grateful for that. It feels light, for a change and I am enjoying this interlude.  It is wedding season. One of my friends got engaged and the other got married. I had been looking forward to attending all their functions but, my health kept me from going out. While I have never been a fan of glamour, glitz and gung-ho in weddings, I wanted to see some of it in their functions. Probably,to amuse myself, a little, seeing how extravagant one night can get. But I think this was a poetic justice served to me by the power-that-be to cast me away from indulging in amusement at what peop