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Life and Travel

This blog post usually comes towards the end of a year. But it comes now. So much has happened already, that by midyear I feel I have lived a year already. I have been in total disarray. Delusional, despaired and decaying. I have felt vulnerable; I have been explosive on the slightest incitation, a state of delirium so to say. I have despised the mess that I had become. I have tightened the grasp of my hand to withhold the sand within, and yet I have seen it seamlessly flow out from between my fingers, in the twinkling of an eye. Maybe, “perfection is not just about control; it is also about letting go”. I have ached for what could have been, re-run the Butterfly Effect in my head and yearned for a relief, a reinstatement, and a restoration. But then, I have held other vistas too, as a breathtaking response to my cries. I have seen it incessantly snow  in the month of June, I have seen an octopus inside the waters of a lagoon; I have known the fear when your car slips a