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It is beautiful

It is raining hard today, very hard. It is raining copiously, shedding down unrestrained like a beautiful recitation, seamless and impeccable, splattering in its exquisite splendour. It is falling down like vociferously confessing its love for the earth, like poignantly releasing its pain to the earth. Love and pain have always been conjugates.    I like the sound of its heavy patter, the way it douses in its sound all other sounds, the way it deafens your ears and makes you listen to just itself, and nothing else. It is overpowering, it is overwhelming, and it is beautiful. A rendition it is. Bliss to those who have been straining hard to listen to their own voice, to those who have been floundering in a deluge of a lot of noise.  It closes all your doors and opens one. The one that leads you to yourself; to that untended beauty lurking inside of you, to that beauty that had perhaps got down the lane of oblivion. It holds you in a tight embrace as if devouring you in i