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Travel Diaries: Little Things

Dear You, Happy New Year! I hope that despite how volatile your New Year’s resolution may be, you achieve the limitless potential your life is capable of! Sometimes I feel that time is slipping by fast, and there is so much left to live, experience and chronicle. 2015 went by in a jiffy, leaving behind a mixed bag to mull over.  I took some resolutions too, not in a fit of an emotion but from emotions solidifying over a period of time. And I ruminated over them while walking by the shore in Pondicherry under a sky full of stars, as I bid goodbye to the year that had been.  On its outskirts, Pondicherry is like any South Indian city, but as you go inwards, you start glimpsing the once French colony that it had been. The cobbled streets intersecting at 90 degrees and the French quarter divided in blocks and avenues, with buildings nearly in shambles, lend a wistful European semblance to the city.  My sister and I cycled around the place for our entire length of stay t