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February,the 14th.

One of my friends commented on this day, about this day - ‘It’s not love. It’s pseudo-ness in the air’. She perhaps remarked so seeing the ostentation marking the hollow (and not so hollow) relationships around her. Or perhaps she said it because, like many others, she does not believe in earmarking a single day to celebrate the feeling of ‘being together’. Or perhaps all of it is a charade to her; maybe something as potent and intense a thing like ‘love’ doesn’t exist. Or perhaps…wait let me not blabber too much here; I might just give you the truth! Anyways, she said it.                                                             *** It had been an aggressive match of badminton. Playing, after bleeding in the day’s battle at the workplace, in the heat of action can be quite enlivening. The match had got over. It had been more than the usual I played everyday. I looked at my watch. There were still 10 minutes to go. There was still some time to catch my bus back home. I hurried past