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A Letter to me

This piece now also features in Thought Catlaog  and can be viewed  here . Dear 17 year old You, Have you been? I know it has been a while that I absented myself from this space, but I was busy traveling month after month. However, I am back now. I will relate my travelogues soon, but before that I have something important to write to you; something which I have been musing a lot over the past few days and wish to share with you.                               So, how was it turning 17 last year? Birthdays are all about friends and festivities today. Please know that this is great and it is okay to indulge in it as much as you can now; you will have all the time to be recluse and quiet later in your life. You will slowly learn it is possible to enjoy the silence in the same way as you enjoy the sound today. I know you don ’ t understand companionship the way others do right now, and somehow have a penchant for being lost in a crowd, and erecting boundaries all aroun