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October Sky

 As the sultry heat turns into a welcoming warmth And the air around turns a tad crisper And though the Sun is still strong, A slight breeze placidly ruffles the hair I look up at the October Sky... As the wind hushes to you advent of the winter And the evening sky is hued in temperate vermillion As the weather alternates between pleasant and chill In deciding over its choice of season I look up at the October Sky... As an airplane flies through the dead of the night It takes me back by two years, When perched on the railing of my balcony, I’d waited for you and counted seconds there. As I had looked up at the October Sky... And as we lie beside each other, With fire silently burning from afar, With our backs on the sand bathed in the silver moonlight, We make a wish upon a shooting star, As we look up at the October Sky…