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October Sky

 As the sultry heat turns into a welcoming warmth And the air around turns a tad crisper And though the Sun is still strong, A slight breeze placidly ruffles the hair I look up at the October Sky... As the wind hushes to you advent of the winter And the evening sky is hued in temperate vermillion As the weather alternates between pleasant and chill In deciding over its choice of season I look up at the October Sky... As an airplane flies through the dead of the night It takes me back by two years, When perched on the railing of my balcony, I’d waited for you and counted seconds there. As I had looked up at the October Sky... And as we lie beside each other, With fire silently burning from afar, With our backs on the sand bathed in the silver moonlight, We make a wish upon a shooting star, As we look up at the October Sky…


I have been broken for so long, That I have forgotten what it is to be whole. For ages, to you I have belonged, That I fail to divorce a body from its soul... Tinted, for long has been the vision, That a clear lens doesn’t appeal anymore. Battered, I have been by the raging storm, Yet, it does not feel home to be ashore. Have sought a meaning in turbulence and harbour, That now in chaos I find my sanity, Have chased you for long, to free me of my nothingness, That I see wholesomeness in our own debris... And now, a silence bellows from the abyss within And dry are the tears that once kissed the kohl… True,I have been broken for so long, That I have forgotten what it is to be whole.

Life and Travel

This blog post usually comes towards the end of a year. But it comes now. So much has happened already, that by midyear I feel I have lived a year already. I have been in total disarray. Delusional, despaired and decaying. I have felt vulnerable; I have been explosive on the slightest incitation, a state of delirium so to say. I have despised the mess that I had become. I have tightened the grasp of my hand to withhold the sand within, and yet I have seen it seamlessly flow out from between my fingers, in the twinkling of an eye. Maybe, “perfection is not just about control; it is also about letting go”. I have ached for what could have been, re-run the Butterfly Effect in my head and yearned for a relief, a reinstatement, and a restoration. But then, I have held other vistas too, as a breathtaking response to my cries. I have seen it incessantly snow  in the month of June, I have seen an octopus inside the waters of a lagoon; I have known the fear when your car slips a


Pain is numbing yet piercing. It surfaces in the most unexpected times. It lurks behind your moment of utmost joy and never fails to cast its shadow. It  echoes in faint whispers and renders incomplete the happiness at that moment. That is when the moment turns insipid.  And you say “well, happiness takes time to sink in with me”. But deep inside you know the truth - you‘d rather let happiness stay on the surface, because whenever that happiness sinks in, what sinks in deeper is the related pain.  It happens when you have long dismissed admitting, or even acknowledging the fact that even an iota of that whisper exists in your life. You claim that all is well, and you forever refrain from the beauty that could have been yours. My question then is, why the charade? Why do we fool ourselves? When we know that if a thing has the beauty to overwhelm you, the lack of it also has the potency to reverberate through the remains left behind. Why a compromise, on something eternal to achie


The calamities have subsided, the storm has abated. The aftermath however lingers on. What dies can never be reclaimed back to life. No matter how hard you try. It does not matter if you try. Death. It is both fundamental and ultimate. It is both defeating and empowering. It teaches you to  walk the thin line between hope and despair. It teaches you to stop hoping for the obvious imminent and yet hope for something which was never there.  It is a weird teacher; it first kills you and then teaches you to live anew and afresh. It first shatters you and then teaches you to gather your pieces and sew them again.  It is as paradoxical as it is crushing. It is an agonizing teacher. It robs you off your sanity and restores it to you when you are irretrievably insane. It is teaches you to try , to no avail, to attempt to clear the cobwebs, wipe away the mist and see the light beyond. You learn in the process that excruciating is a weaker word. It takes years of obscurity before the


I can hear the chatter of our thoughts And then I hear a silence That resounds through the abyss That we have become Set apart in time and in space, Maybe, this abyss we always were An eternity staring back at us... Soulmates, we were,  in strangers Yearning to be together, In submission and in defiance In flesh and in blood, but in the tangible not in the figments of our imagination, and not in its deafening silence. 


The smoke encircles, and the vision blurs. Yet amazingly,in that disconcerting cloud my confusion dithers… A truth dawns from the chasm of immolated consciousness, like a Phoenix, which rises from its own ashes.