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Life is good.

I hung out with you almost every day. People around talked about us. I didn’t care. I knew you didn’t care either. Life was good. You took me to various places, you told me about various things, you bought me stuffs (against my strictest opposition) and you added motley of colours to my life.   I liked talking to you, talking to you 24x7, day and night, in and out, talking like two desperate people,  talking like maniacs; talking as if talking was our lifeline ;talking like giving vent to all that  had been pent up inside , talking and talking and still it seemed the thirst was not satiated. People around smiled, sometimes smirked at us.  I didn’t care; I knew you didn’t care either. Life was good. You flaunted your write ups before me branding them as your original when you had borrowed it from your best friend. Anyway, I always knew the truth.  I personally, liked your own, lucid style and straight from the heart jottings more than the much verbose verses of your friends. Yet,