Life is good.

I hung out with you almost every day. People around talked about us. I didn’t care. I knew you didn’t care either. Life was good.

You took me to various places, you told me about various things, you bought me stuffs (against my strictest opposition) and you added motley of colours to my life.   I liked talking to you, talking to you 24x7, day and night, in and out, talking like two desperate people,  talking like maniacs; talking as if talking was our lifeline ;talking like giving vent to all that  had been pent up inside , talking and talking and still it seemed the thirst was not satiated. People around smiled, sometimes smirked at us.  I didn’t care; I knew you didn’t care either. Life was good.

You flaunted your write ups before me branding them as your original when you had borrowed it from your best friend. Anyway, I always knew the truth.  I personally, liked your own, lucid style and straight from the heart jottings more than the much verbose verses of your friends. Yet, I kept quiet and said nothing. I used to find it amusing and endearing too, the efforts you used to put in to impress and win over me, when you already had that to your credit. But I didn’t care; I know you didn’t care either. Life was good.

You had stayed up all night that night; so that you could see me off leave form an early morning bus the following day. I hated that, but you had always insisted on doing the otherwise. And in your most sincere attempt to stay awake while I had slept, you had dozed off too as the dawn had approached, dropping a message to wake you up when leaving. The following morning I left after my calling yielded no results. Only to listen to you sulk and cry later during the day, and also to learn that you had some things to give me. What things, you never told.  One argument led to another and we had had the most quotidian of our tiffs; with the usual reconciliation soon following. And so I didn't care; I know you didn't care either. Life anyway, was good.

But I had a strange nebulous feeling and a general disarray of thoughts, the day I had to leave…leave you, before you could leave that place and go, forever. An ocean of memories overwhelmed me. It made me discern, it made realize, it made me cry. The days of our togetherness started to dance before me… your embarrassed surprise on having me discovered you, your stammer and numbness on encountering me, you standing me up on our first meeting(because you were happily snoring away), me breaking hell lose on you, your attempts to placate me, your friends smiling away in the backdrop ,my first birthday gift, a chocolate a day, the incessant texting ,the ‘I am not sleepy yet’ calls till the wee hours of morning, your larger than life attitude, your cute lying, my chiding, your look that had always followed, our pranks and squabbles,our first game of badminton ,our evening walks, the first trip together,our togetherness, our last lunch, your promise , my assurance and everything…

That day I discerned, I realized, I cried. Things changed.
I had started to care; perhaps… and  you, you had cared forever;perhaps.

Though,Life is still good!,as always :)


SO be it, as you may wish the life to become. Life's good, or so you say, let it be.

You two had it good, great rather, let nothing matter even now, not even the distances.

Blasphemous Aesthete
Deepika said…
Everything happens for a reason. The tiffs made your relation strong. The 'i am not sleepy yet' calls make u know u both need each other. That's life and its always good.
@anshul : distances or no distances,we are not in any terms anymore,and past is past! and yes, life is good :)

@deepika: that was a phase, life was good then and life is good now :)
Sourav said…
Life stays good always! But hope she kept enough faith and patience to lose it all.

Such feelings, which are so pure; the love which was never felt before; that togetherness which held and the one that you two once were can never be so empty!

Not suggesting much, but trust me or better you may know it yourself, what we see or we are made to believe is not always true.

Don't know what the situations and circumstances for them are, but the chances of hearing that one positive musical note among the crowd of noises is very bleak. Hope you tried, before you quit!

VERY emotional post, took me to a lot of phases of my own life! Pain, love, faith, wishes, dreams and their antonyms; they all exist here together.

Take care, and no matter what make sure life stays good :)
Raj said…
you know sometimes i feel stupid. like right now. i am reading away on a sunday morning smiling to myself. and then i realize this was real. shucks. atleast you had it good :)

anyway have fun :)
@sourav: hmmm, it doesn't strike any chord now. life is good!

@raj: good it was,i was looking for great though. anyway, life is good! (or so we believe):D
Raj said…
for great, u r gonna have to make an effort. :)
Raj said…
no. just definitely. :)
Purba said…
The first flush of love, you got it bang on. The intensity of emotions, oblivious to the rest of the world. It made me nostalgic.

It made me sad.

And might I add, brilliantly composed.
@Purba: Comng from you, it means a lot! thanks :)
shriya said…
Its just beautiful..soulful..
very touching..
A grain of sand said…
thanks shriya, if it could connect, thats all a writer can wish for :)
Pooja Verma said…
very well expressed!
A grain of sand said…
feels nice when i see you quite regular here,thanks :)
akshita said…
Do keep these soul touching incidents near to you as they make u more wise..yet be untocuhed by them while dealing with the other myriad experiences in life. N as in one of your earlier posts, i quote unquote: "Life is always good"! & so it will be...
A grain of sand said…
it definitly is ! :)
dhawal said…
hmm.... interesting write up...!!! tell abt the move-on phase as well as the memories part of the story at the same time..!!! nicely crafted
Kunnu said…
Stumbled upon here from there...From where..i do not know now..

Its so simple and so brilliantly brilliant.

Good Luck

A grain of sand said…
THE BEST things in life are very simple and don't cost much(except sometimes) :) thanks nonetheless.
pushkar said…
Wow, that was very nice. This brought back so many memories of times when I was 'young-and-stupid', when that special someone was the center of my world, and when it all crumbled in a devilish instant.
Anonymous said…
Nostalgic but nice, affectionate. Good to know that life is good :)
Rahul said…
#true story#???????????????:-O this was ...wait for it till i rack my brains to come up with a suitable compliment....touching,heart-felt,painful,adorable,heart-warming,tightly narrated and spell-bindingly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A grain of sand said…
Thankyou for the shower of compliments you have given me today...m already so drenched :D :D
thanks dear :)

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