हर अनसुनी दुआ में हो तुम
हर अनकही  अभिव्यक्ति में हो तुम
उस ओझल एहसास में हो तुम
हर   दैनिक संघर्ष में हो तुम

छिपे बीते हुए कल की आड़ में
छिपे आने वाले कल की आहट  में
बीतें हुए कल में यादों की तरह
आनेवाले पल में एक उमींद की तरह

हर दिन के खुलते पहर में हो तुम

उसी दिन की ढलती हुई शाम में हो  तुम
है यही वेदना की मेरे आज में नहीं हो तुम
पर इस  वेदना में भी  मेरी नम्रता हो तुम

हर उठती  गिरिती तरंग में हो तुम
हर उस झिलमिल एहसास में हो तुम
जिससे है मेरी मुस्कराहट  निश्छल
जिससे है मेरे आंसू बोझल 

जिसकी कहते है लोफ विभिन्न भावनाएं
हर का स्त्रोत , हर का अंत हो तुम ...


-- said…
English, please? :( :p
Rahul Bhatia said…
Very nice thoughts!
Anonymous said…
Awesome, beautiful, affectionate and I want to say many more adjectives but for the sake of brevity :) Your Hindi is equally awesome. Super talented you are! :) Mujhe Hindi lessons milegi kya? :D
A grain of sand said…
@ Fiona: these emotions found such an utterance, couldn't help. i will get back to you with its english version soon (will drop you the usual mail :) ) :D

@Rahul : thanks :)

@Ajay : 'brevity' :D...Thanks and sure i won't deny you hindi lessons(but be on your guard, you may be learning something totally trash from me. :P :D

also it is 'hindi lessons milenge kya?'..:D
Anonymous said…
And I got my very first lesson :) I knew something felt wrong with that line but didn't know what. Now you know how badly I need more such lessons :D
Mithlash said…
After a long time, reading poem in hindi..beautifully written..Liked it..keep writing:)
Alka Gurha said…
Beautifully woven thoughts.
Kunal said…
Hey A Grain of Sand,

is 'Tum' ne bahut jagah haath pao maari hai aapki life mein aur kaafi jagah par apni pehchaan chodi hai! :)

par is baat se koi inkaar nahi kar sakta...ki kavita mein dard hai..par isme ek asha bhi chupi hai..us dard ko meetha banane ki :)

Bahut Badhiya! (Imagine the accent in which that foreigner in 'Incredible India' ad speaks) :P
Rahul said…
You're good...damn good...I must say..Tho I categorically skip over all hindi posts and poems....I just looked thru the first stanza of ur poem..and I got hooked...Lovely...Hope to see more posts from you...saw ur earlier post as well.....The flow was kinda choppy...but the content I cud easily identify with....Now I think I just have to keep abreast of what u re posting from now on..:-D
Nasnin Nasser said…
I wish if it were in English...would love to read something by you...but the language betrayed me:-) Now I regret not studying Hindi properly at school;)
A grain of sand said…
@ Ajay : at your service! ;) :D

@ Mithlash : thanks :)

@Alka : thanks :)
A grain of sand said…
@Kunal : loved the comment, it sent me lolling :D
'bahut badhiya' :D

@Rahul : thanks for dropping by, m glad you liked it!
i would take care of the 'choppy'ness from the next time,thanks :)

@Nasnin : too bad, i hope i can come up with its english translation...glad you would want to read my stuff,thanks :)
Anonymous said…
I am also waiting for the English translation but I think it's difficult to keep the soul and spirit of the poem intact. When will my Hindi lessons begin? :D
A grain of sand said…
@ Ajay :soul and spirit have a catholic utterance , they don't see the language in which they have to be communicated :)infact their very presence makes anything communicated in that particular language beautiful :)['language' you know, we have talked a lot on this already :P :D]

anyway,regarding the lessons, i can start anytime :D, but again a disclaimer that you may be learning something totally trash! :P
MUKUL said…
I am more than willing to give you hindi lessons..
but just a suggestion..
leep up with your english!
Anonymous said…
It's language that embodies soul and spirit, shapes them up and even helps in their very genesis. It's not passive in the process of communication so detracting from it totally is something I do not approve of. :D We talked a lot on language but still there's much left to talk. :)

Even if I learn trash, it'll only improve my Hindi so don't bother about that. Just get started. A teacher who issues disclaimer about his/her teachings is always good anyway. :D
A grain of sand said…
@Mukul: :P

@Ajay: you presume a lot! anyway, m game :D
Anonymous said…
Mukul, is your comment meant for me? :)
Cяystal said…
I was rolling with those words. Beintehaaaaan khoobsurat. :)
You write well.. came in through Fiona!
A grain of sand said…
thanks a lot crytal!
went through your blog,it amazed me to see what a prolofic write you are...now that the amazement has ebbed, i am following your blog:)
i struggle with hindi, but i still went through it :)
A grain of sand said…
@Chhave: thanks:)

@Sub: m glad you could make it! :)
A grain of sand said…
@Ajay: Mukul's comment was for you :D, I don't know what he means by it though :P

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