My first book: A Grain of Sand.

“A poem begins with a lump in the throat; a homesickness or a lovesickness. It is a reaching-out toward expression; an effort to find fulfillment. A complete poem is one where an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words” – Robert Frost

There are somethings in life which excite you; others that inspire you. And then, there certain things which complete you. They are also the ones that lead you to your self-exploration.

My first book recently got published and is released in various online Indian Stores. It is also released on Amazon USA ,Amazon India and Flipkart.

The book had its online press release  and  has been reviewed at several places . I am also a Goodreads author and you can follow me there.

Authored by a natural student of psychology, the book revolves around my general musings in life. An anthology of poems, this book gives an insight into introspection, self-discovery and self-realization, which form the three most important pillars of a man’s ego. It takes a ride into a gamut of emotions in the likes of love, life, hope, solitude, despair, quest in life and quest behind life.

It would be great if you read the book, and share your reviews and feedback about the book. If you like it you can like the book at its facebook page

Enjoy reading! :-)


Gitika said…
i have already ordered my copy..and i am glad i did it..:)yipieee
Rahul Bhatia said…
Best of luck Stuti, and look forward to reading this:0
Congratulations Stuti, I wish you luck with the success of the book :D

Now I can proudly claim knowing (virtually) a published author!

Blasphemous Aesthete
dianne said…
Congratulations dear Stuti, that is such great news.
xoxoxo ♡
WoW....great... congrats Stuti...will try to get hold of it :)
ashok said…
wow...thats great! congrats !

now u can follow me at
A grain of sand said…
@Gitika: Thanks dear:-)

@Rahul Sir: Thanks. DO let me have your feedback on this

@Anhsul : haha... also read it and write me a review :-D

@Dianne: Thanks!

@Sub: DO read it. and your opinion will be much valued!

@Ashok: Thanks!
Purba said…
What a great moment, Stuti. We are all extremely proud of you.

Kudos, girl!
Saru Singhal said…
A big big congratulations. Looking forward to read it.
Alka Gurha said…
Congratulations Stuti. Indeed a proud moment.
A grain of sand said…
@Purba: It is indeed! Thanks :-)

@Saru: Thanks! It is available on Amazon USA;-)

@Alka: It is; Thanks !
Red Handed said…
WOW..Ordering it tonight!!!
Proud of you..The fron cover looks amazing!
A grain of sand said…
Thanks a lot Red Handed:-)
Let me know you feedback
Nasnin Nasser said…
Vowww!!! It happened! Your book got published! :) Hearty congrats Stuti :) Wish you all success! Looking forward to have this...will grab one copy soon :)
A grain of sand said…
Thanks a lot Nasnin!!!

do grab a copy and let me know your feedback:-)
dishantparikh said…
congratulation Stuti..!!
Unknown said…
Congrats stuti
Haddock said…
All the best on your first book.

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