I wonder

At the end of it all, I wonder,
Why do I do what I do?
And with every second passing by,
Something inside me dies and, something brews …

They say we have a mind and that it’s beautiful,
They also say that its one cold beast,
But then why does it conflate with emotions?
And in the face of you, all reasoning cease?

And still wondering, I do
‘cause the mind continues to defy all rationale,
And I wonder, if it's really the end?
When the loop of the dawn and the dusk never runs stale?

And I wonder again,
If it's death if you go insane?
And with the multitude of seconds that have gone by,
If what is dead today will ever brew again?


Saru Singhal said…
Kind of something I wonder when I am low. Things that are dead give place to new.
Rahul Bhatia said…
Every breath brings renews energy. A soulful poetry.
Raj said…
You have captured the ramblings that go on many time in my mind and given it beautiful words. I know the answers for these questions will be hard to come by, but sometimes the questions are more intriguing than the answers.
A grain of sand said…
Things change, though.
A grain of sand said…
the questions are intriguing and mindboggling too. Thanks Raj.
dianne said…
Beautiful, thought provoking words, I think we all question life and its meaning sometimes and for some questions there are no answers.
xoxoxo ♡
A grain of sand said…
I think we search for meanings at all times :-). Thanks for your comment!

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